Myliu Panda

Panda pays late night visit to the Vilnius University Library



On the dark night of January 16th hard working students at the 24 hour library of Vilnius University were surprised by the unexpected visitor. Panda arrived to dispel academic stress and anxiety and to fetch in some positive vibes to the community of students, who are now under the burden of exam session. What are the springs of such action? “If one spends the nights at the library rather than wrapped up in a warm blanket at home, obviously the situation must be critical. Most of the students are under a lot of pressure, weary and sulky during this time of the year. So the goal of my visit is to stop these emotions to grow into something more serious and negative and to bring in some joy to the students”, – explains Panda. According to Panda, everyone is able to make others more joyful and positive. It is a matter of positive attitude, warm smile and encouraging words. “Stress, negative emotions can lead to some angry attitudes, maybe even bullying. Happy people don’t do that, they have no time for hate, so let’s try to create as much happiness and mutual understanding as possible”, – prompts Panda.

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