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Myliu Panda TV: First Step


We are having a celebration here with Panda!

Finally, after two months of waiting we are pround to announce that we already have a team of 30 young and positive people able to edit, present, analyze and organize. ‘‘I always support good ideas but it is hard to accomplish something on your own. This is why I am here! ‘As you might have guessed – we are talking about the MYLIU PANDA TV! On 29th May the conference and first team meeting took place, during which the concept, main aim and plans for the TV project were presented. So we press ON and let‘s move forward!

In our meeting we were very happy to welcome the producer of internet-based television M. Kazlauskas, who shared his ideas and thoughts about the work in the TV. Mantas revealed that even though he is in the TV business for almost 12 years, he started out as all MYLIU PANDA TV members as a volunteer. The producer also revealed the tendencies he noted while working in TV for so many years: ‘Nearly 15 years ago TV was mainly isolated, had no external outlets, nevertheless people working there were extremely enthusiastic. What do we have today? This was replaced by current ‘know how’ policy. And even though the technical side and international relations improved notably, the competition there nowadays is fierce’. According to Kazlauskas, both internet-based and digital television are fighting for viewers. The easiest way is to adapt to viewers‘ needs and wishes, which subsequently results in high rankings, however, the viewer usually opts for conflict scenarios and less often for something of positive content. So in order to score high in the rankings the editors and producers have to ignore their personal values. ‘Mantas told us that in TV as well as in the other fields everything starts from the ideas worth millions! But for some it’s million smiles, for others – million litas. In his opinion, the internet is rapidly becoming the ‘second screen’ and a more efficient way to reach the young audiences’. TV audience is getting older, therefore television is the way it is nowadays. It is frequently heard among young people that ‘I don’t have a TV and don’t watch it’ but the data we have reveals that youngsters watch the same TV shows on the internet anyway, even if they don’t want to admit it. That is why bit by bit the television spreads its roots on the internet with the goal to retain the young audience.’

However, it is rarely that bad as it seems at the first sight and PANDA seems to already know which route to take! In order to promote the “NO HATE SPEECH MOVEMENT” MYLIU PANDA TV team was created. This group of motivated activists will try to replace the hate speech encountered in the internet and reality with something positive and meaningful for the society. ‘Youth knows what the young person needs! We can create a product that will elicit positivity while touching upon the more serious subjects as well. Hate will never completely disappear but it needs to be counteracted with the spread of joy. That is how I personally want to destroy the myth that people are unhappy in Lithuania’ – said creative and marketing director of  MYLIU PANDA Paulius Dauparas. Other team members Domantas Likša and Viktorija Bružaitė agreed stating that ‘hate’ subject is approached in the campaign through the positivity prism – this approach Europe evaluated as a unique way to promote discussion around the important topics in the society.

Panda is happy to announce, that during two tours of selection we received more than 200 incredible ideas, 30 videos from 569 participants. While in the meeting team was discussing  the main idea of the TV project – to create a platform for youth which would help in the fight against hate problems, as well as the given opportunity to rejoice at other fun ideas, to educate people about human rights and show the example of respect to others. Sounds great? It will be even better!


 “Our intention – to become the most viewed TV show for youth. We want to create real and meaningful things that we believe in.  We will try to avoid the tone dictated by the surroundings and the whole concept of the show will be presented originally. Open discussions, experience sharing  – it’s all very important. “This show will be possible only because of us and our motivation, thus we’re hoping to create a strong and positive community together! Our studio will be mobile in order to reach different corners of Lithuania. Maybe even our dream of having a Panda bus will come true!”, – says Paulius.

What kind of  television can endure without having TV stars… Mantas Kazlauskas reminded us the common ways of becoming one of them: through acquaintances (your survival in the show business will be short), being a charismatic persona or doing nonsenses (one day fame). While the creative youth of MYLIU PANDA TV will generate ideas, everyone should think of TV faces that bring our attention the most, how they deserve our respect and if we even listen to what they have to say? We believe in the near future Panda will become one of the symbols that will not adhere to any of the common ways of becoming a TV star  – it will be responsible, educational show full of positivity. We will take a look at the problems as icebergs – what is visible to all is just the tip, but the essence hides underneath. 

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