Myliu Panda

Myliu Panda committee meeting: past accomplishments and future directions


This Tuesday has been quite special for Myliu Panda campaign. It was the day the meeting of the national committee took place.

 The committee meeting was held at the Department of Youth Affairs where the activity of the campaign and its future directions were introduced to the representatives of participating youth organizations. Participants were acquainted with already completed actions, events, and youth-oriented educational activities.

 The coordinator of the campaign Viktorija revealed that Myliu Panda has even more interesting plans for the future – board games, mobile educational space, augmented Myliu Panda goodies collection and even their own upcoming TV show. “I am very pleased that the campaign is moving forward and the members of the organization so enthusiastically participate in all of our activities and keep suggesting great ideas. We believe, that it is possible to reach all the goals we set for ourselves and this campaign”.

  Coming next for Myliu Panda – graffiti and street art events in various towns and cities in Lithuania, visiting youth summer festivals and the first creative attempts of our own TV show team. Stay tuned!

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